5-10 Day Belize Itineraries - Belize Classic Trips

Explore Our Classic Trips:

Glover's Reef and Mayan Caves - 7 Days   Glover's Reef Only - 5 Days
Lighthouse Reef Adventure - 6 or 8 Nights Paradise Islands - 7 Days
Lighthouse Reef Only - 5 Days  Maya Reef Explorer - 9 Days
Epic Belize -10 Days Double Atoll Adventure - 9 Nights
Coral Islands SUP - 7 Days

All-inclusive adventure vacations, bringing you the very best of Belize!

Since 1987, Island Expeditions has created unique itineraries that combine the thrill of active adventure with learning in the most spectacular locations in Belize.  On our Classic Trips you will be greeted at the airport Day 1 and transported to your first night's accommodation, with a welcome dinner and an introduction to Belize.  These all-inclusive trip itineraries showcase the best of Belize - spectacular locations with full itineraries giving you the optimal amount of time to enjoy each location.

Glovers Reef and River of Caves
7 Days -  $1589US + $210 Local Taxes & Fees or $1739Cdn + $260 Local Taxes & Fees

- Weekly on Mondays. Mid-November through the end of April  
Start  - Belize City  
Finish  - Dangriga  
Group Size  - up to 22   
Guides  - 2-4

This trip combines five days at our island Basecamp within spectacular Glover's Reef Atoll (a United Nations' World Heritage Site) with a day of inland discovery. Explore the limestone formations and large number of Mayan artifacts in Che Chem Ha Cave system and then onto the Ancient Mayan site of Xuantunich. and an evening exxploring the bibrant town of SanIgnacio. Then travel 36 miles offshore to one of Belize's premier kayaking and snorkeling destinations.  Explore this awesome marine environment with our amazing local guides and renowned camp chefs. Come and experience Glover's Reef with the experts!  More...

Glovers Reef Adventure
5 Days -  $929US + $140 Local Taxes & Fees or $1029Cdn + $170 Local Taxes & Fees

- Weekly. December through April  
Start  - Dangriga   
Finish  - Dangriga  
Group Size  - up to 22   
Guides  - 2-6

This 5-day trip is all about snorkeling, kayaking, kayak sailing, paddleboarding and experiencing Belizean culture while you stay on Glover’s Reef Atoll, a protected marine park and designated UNESCO world heritage site located thirty-six miles offshore of mainland Belize.  Stay at our Adventure Basecamp on Southwest Caye, sleep in comfortable, safari style tent cabanas and dine on fresh seafood, tropical fruit, and local favourites.   More...

Lighthouse Reef Classic 8 Nights -  $1869US + $330 Local Taxes & Fees or $2054Cdn + $395 Local Taxes & Fees
Lighthouse Reef 6 Nights - $1459US + $290 Local Taxes & Fees or $1649Cdn + $350 Local Taxes & Fees

- December though May  
Start  - Belize City 
Finish  - Belize City 
Group Size  - up to 25
Guides  - 2-4

On the furthest boundary of the Belize reef system at world renowned Lighthouse Atoll, we have established the first ever Adventure Basecamp. Here we sea kayak,snorkel, learn about reef ecology, enjoy incredible seafood feasts, and take in one of the most beautiful island and coral reef settings you can possibly imagine.  More...

LIghthouse getaway
5 Days  - $1129US + $220 Local Taxes & Fees or $1234Cdn + $265 Local Taxes & Fees
Departs - 
Weekly. December through May  
Starts - 
Belize City  
Ends - 
Belize City  
Group Size  - up to 22
Guides  - 2-6
Experience our Lighthouse Getaway where you can enjoy 5 days of superb snorkeling, sea kayaking and paddle boarding. This trip includes snorkeling at Jacque Cousteau’s legendary Blue Hole and the Aquarium. Half Moon Caye Basecamp is perfect for those wanting a flexible and active vacation based on a remote tropical island and UNESCO World Heritage Site.   More...

Paradise Islands Trip   PARADISE ISLANDS
7 Days -  $1714US + $265 Local Taxes & Fees or $1849Cdn + $320 Local Taxes & Fees

- Weekly on Saturdays (and Mondays, during certain weeks.  Mid-November through to the end of April 
Starts  - Belize City 
Ends  - Dangriga 
Group Size  - up to 12 
Guides  - 1-2

Here is your chance to kayak, sail, and snorkel the idyllic cayes of the central reef system with a comfortable bed and shower each night! Our lodge based adventure on the Barrier Reef travels from island to island, giving you lots of adventure and great snorkeling while getting a chance to visit some of the smaller, lesser-known lodges in Belize.  More...

Epic Belize Trip EPIC BELIZE
10 Days -  $2409US +$290 Local Taxes & Fees or $2639Cdn + $350 Local Taxes & Fees

- January through April   
Starts  -    Belize City  
Ends  -    Belize City  
Group Size - up to 12  
Guides - 2-3

On this multi-sport journey you will get to experience the best of Belize. This 10 day adventure begins by exploring the coral reefs of Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve by sea kayak, SUP and snorkel. Next you will travel into the heart of the the Mayflower Bocawina National Park and stay at an eco lodge. Discover the tropical rainforest by hiking or gliding through the jungle canopy on a zipline. On the final part of the trip you will travel south to a region of unspoiled wilderness and break contact with the outside world. By kayak you will follow the Moho River through spectacular canyons and lush rainforests. At night you will camp by the river and learn about the rich Mayan folklore and ecology of the rainforest from the local guides.   More...

Maya Reef Explorer Maya Reef Explorer
9 Days -  $2019US + $330 Local Taxes & Fees or $2204Cdn + $ 395 Local Taxes & Fees   

- Biweekly.  December through the end of April.  
Starts -    Belize City
Ends -    Belize City 
Group Size - up to 25 
Guides - 2-6

This 9 Day adventure begins at Birds Eye View Lodge in Crooked Tree.  We spend three days at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, with an opportunity to visit the Mayan Ruins of Lamanai and Altun Ha.  We then transfer by motor charter to Half Moon Caye at Lighthouse Reef for five days of sea kayaking and snorkeling on the spectacular Lighthouse Reef atoll.  More...

Coral Islands SUP Trip Belize Coral Islands SUP
7 Days -  $1904US + $275 Local Taxes & Fees or $2069Cdn + $330 Local Taxes & Fees
With Guest Instructor Norm Hann: 
$1984US + $275 Local Taxes & Fees or $2169Cdn + $330 Local Taxes & Fees

- February  & March
Starts   - Belize City  
Ends   - Dangriga  
Group Size   - up to 10  
Guides   - 2-3

This 7 Day SUP adventure is the only lodge to lodge Stand Up Paddleboard and snorkel trip of its kind!   SUP expert and enthusiast Norm Hann joins us as Guest Instructor and Trip Coordinator, providing instruction and guiding for novice to experienced paddlers.  You will discover Southwater Caye Marine Reserve by day, spending nights in small, family run island lodges, dining on fresh Belizean fare and enjoying breathtaking sunsets from your hammock. More...

Double Atoll Belize Double Atoll Adventure
9 Nights -  $2114US + $365 Local Taxes & Fees or $2249Cdn + $440 Local Taxes & Fees

- January through April 
Starts   - Belize City  
Ends   - Belize City  
Group Size   - up to 25   
Guides   - 2-4

Experience two remote atolls offering some of the best snorkeling and paddling in the Caribbean Sea on this 9 night trip. The adventure begins by traveling into the heart of the Mayflower Bocawina National Park and spending the night at the beautiful Bocawina Rainforest Resort. The following day you will take a boat charter to our Glover’s Reef Adventure Basecamp on Southwest Caye. Spend the next 3 days exploring the incredible reef by sea kayak, SUP and snorkel. There is always the option to take time to kick back in a hammock with a good book if you looking for relaxation time. The next part of the trip you will travel to our Lighthouse Reef Adventure Basecamp on beautiful Half Moon Caye. Paddle, snorkel and explore this protected marine reserve and enjoy the snorkel expeditions to the ‘Aquarium’ and Blue Hole. More...